Arch Pain Exercises

Foot pain is among one of the worst pain one has to endure, because it is in a body part we all must use every day, just to get around. Arch pain is a very common foot ailment which plagues runners and non-runners alike. In the worst cases, it can even prevent us from going about our daily activities. There can be different causes of arch pain, but the most common type is called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis pain is usually the worst when first waking up in the morning, when taking long walks, and when standing for long periods of time. Treatments for this type of pain can include medications, shoe inserts, and arch pain exercises. Exercises can be the most useful, are all-natural, and best of all, free.
One effective exercise for arch pain involves rolling a tennis ball under your foot. A different type or size of ball can also be used. Just find the right one for you that feels comfortable and effective while you are using it for this exercise. Simply place the ball on the floor, while sitting in a chair or on a sofa. Slowly step on the ball and apply some pressure. Continue by rolling the ball around with your foot for several minutes. This exercise massages the tendon in your foot and can help relieve the arch pain.
Another exercise involves giving your arches a much-needed stretch. This is a classic runner’s stretch. It can be done while sitting or standing. From the sitting or standing position, simply stretch one leg behind you and place only the toes and ball of the foot on the ground, leaving your heel in the air. Push your foot down and back, using your leg muscles. Continue to push your foot down until you feel the stretch, leaving your heel off of the ground. This exercise can be done daily to help relieve the tightness in the foot tendon that often causes the pain.
Another foot exercise is a good one for all around foot muscle and tendon health. Simply place several small objects on the floor, and sit in a chair or sofa in front of them. Then, begin slowly picking up each object using only your feet and toes. Start with a couple of easy objects, then with each session, start to challenge yourself with more objects in different shapes and sizes to vary the foot muscles involved.
Try these simple foot exercises daily, and you will experience arch pain relief in no time.

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