Foot Arch Pain Exercises

Many people associate foot arch pain as plantar fasciitis, but that is not always the case.  Most of the time pain in the arch of your foot is a temporary problem that can be relieved with a few simple exercises.  As with any bodily pain, the best source of information is your doctor, if the pain is persistent make sure to consult a physician.

One of the most effective exercises involves rolling a ball under your foot.  You can use either a tennis ball or a golf ball depending on which feels better for you.  Just sit in a chair and place the ball on the floor.  Step on the ball and slowly apply pressure as you roll the ball around.  Do this for a couple of minutes and you should feel instant relief from this form of self-massage.

Another easy at home exercise is to place several small items on the floor and try to pick them up one a a time with your toes.  The process has you constantly flexing your foot muscles and you can even turn the exercise into a game.  Challenge your spouse, or race against a stop watch to try to keep getting a better time.  Before you know it you’ve had a great exercise session, and had some fun in the process.

For aching arches, a great exercise is to just stretch the bottom of your foot.  The easiest way to do this is to sit in a chair and place one foot behind you and place your toes on the ground with your heel in the air.  Slowly push down and back and you should feel the arch stretch.

Finally, soak your feet in a tub of hot water and epsom salts.  This isn’t an exercise, but for some people it provides the most instant relief.  Warm water improves circulation and will relieve muscle pain, and the salts have been found to relax muscles and reduce pain.

Hopefully one of these foot arch pain exercises will provide you with the relief you seek.

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