Night Splints for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most effective plantar fasciitis treatments are night splints.  The idea is that the splint works on your injury throughout the night while you sleep.  The way this works is you put the splint on before you go to bed and it holds your foot in a position that stretches the calf muscle as well as the plantar fascia.

The main benefit of wearing the splint is that the initial pain you feel in the morning when you first step out of bed is greatly reduced.  Anyone that has suffered from plantar fasciitis can attest that those first few steps in the morning can be excruciating.  Although the temporary relief provided by a night splint is great, they will not completely eliminate the pain and there is really no conclusive medical research that confirms any long term benefit to the splints.  Another important thing to remember is that the night splints are not especially comfortable and really take some getting used to so be prepared for a few nights of broken up sleep while you adjust to sleeping with one on as they tend to be a little bulky.

To supplement the use of a night splint you will need to make sure to do some stretching exercises throughout the day.  You need to keep the plantar fascia ligament loose, especially if you are spending a lot of time on your feet.  There are many ways to fit some basic plantar fasciitis exercises into your daily routine and you need to do anything you can during the day to facilitate a better night sleep.

Night splints generally cost between $30 and $80 depending on how complex of a device you choose.  The more expensive splint won’t necessarily be the best one for you, you’ll need to try them on and figure out which one feels the best for your foot and your injury.   Hopefully you’ll only be using a night splint on a temporary basis as part of a larger treatment plan and if you find that you aren’t having an easier time in the mornings after wearing one make sure to let your doctor know and ask for alternatives.

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