Plantar Fascia Release

Plantar fasciitis surgery is not necessary for 95% of people that are actively treating plantar fasciitis.  Your doctor will usually not even consider surgery until you’ve been using non-surgical treatments for at least six months, typically nine months to a year, and your condition is restricting your daily activities.

The most common plantar fasciitis surgery is called “plantar fascia release”.  The procedure involves cutting the fascia ligament in order to relieve the tension and inflammation.  The surgeon will typically use a local anesthetic and perform endoscopic surgery which means a small incision will be made and the surgical instruments will be inserted through that hole.

If endoscopic surgery is performed the incision will be on either side of the heel just below the ankle bone.  If full open surgery is performed the surgeon will usually make the incision on the bottom of the foot.  Once inside the plantar fascia may be detached from the heel bone, or the ligament will be cut on either side to release the tension.  Many times a small wedge is removed from the ligament.  If heel spurs are present the surgeon will also remove them during the surgery.

Recovery from plantar fasciitis surgery can take several weeks, and is different depending on whether you had endoscopic surgery or open surgery.  Recovery from open surgery requires some sort of cast or brace and you will be unable to put any weight on your foot for at least 2 to 3 weeks.  Endoscopic surgery does not require a cast and you can place weight on your foot almost immediately.  You’ll be able to wear normal shoes within a week, and in less than a month you will be back to your normal activities.  Although, it will be a few months until you can start running or other strenuous activities.  Of course this all can go out the window if there are any complications post-surgery, and there are many risks involved with plantar fascia surgery.

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